Online Course FAQ


Q. What's included in the course?
A. The workbook is over 100 pages, and you'll be walked through every step of the methodology with 20 hours of video.
The video also includes many nuances which can't be conveyed in still images as shown in the workbook. You'll see how
this all actually plays out with live markets. You'll also receive membership in the private forums so that you
can interact with Mark; ask questions, post your charts for review. Plus updates to the course material will be posted

Q. Why does the available course focus on Forex?
A. The material was recorded during Mark's July 2006 Online Forex Workshop. The techniques discussed work with any
market, and the bonus materials discuss additional timeframe information for stock index futures, stock trades based on
daily charts, etc.

The NEW course materials from the July 2008 workshop focuses on intraday and longer term stock index trades, commodities, stocks, etfs and currencies.

Q. Was the entire July workshop recorded?
A. Over 14 hours of video was recorded live during the online workshop. You'll hear Mark explain all of the points of the
workbook, plus show how he constructs Fibonacci support and resistance on his charts. The finer points of CCI
multi-timeframe entries and trade management are explained as well. Since these materials were presented during live
trading sessions, you'll get to see the methodology in action on the charts. Only the dedicated live trading sessions were
not recorded; doing so would have created prohibitively long recordings. You'll have the opportunity to join in with live
chat room based trading sessions in the near future.

Again, the UPDATED materials from the July 2008 workshop is a 100% recording of all of the time spent together on the course, including live trading.

Q. What additional materials are included?
A. You'll also have access to the weekly video series Mark recorded live in the Denver Trading Group chat room
focusing on the mini Russell and other stock index futures. That's over 5 hours of additional video. Plus the review
sessions from earlier workshops, focusing on Fibonacci Timing on a variety of trading instruments and timeframes so
that these concepts can be reinforced!

Q. Do I need to have anything special set up on my computer to follow along with the materials?
A. The workbook is in PDF format, and the recorded sessions are in streaming flash so there's no wait for a long
download. Both of these are standard types of files and the viewers for them should be active in your internet software
already. Just in case though, both viewers are available for free download at

Q. How can I make sure that the videos will play properly for me before buying the course?
A. Try one of the free videos on this page:   They are recorded with the same flash technology
used for the course. If you have any problems with the video, the rare times this happens are almost always due to a
damaged flash file in your temporary internet files. This could have happened because of a badly programmed
advertisement on a web site. Simply clear your temporary internet files and try the video again. If for some reason this
doesn't help, download the latest flash player from

Q. Do I need to have the Fibonacci Trader software to benefit from the course?
A. Using Fibonacci Trader is strongly recommended. The tools involved in this form of analysis have been customized to
Mark's specifications. Free trials and details regarding data feeds are available at Most
other charting packages have some of the tools necessary for this work, you can check with Mark via email if you have
any questions -

Q. Is this a trend following or countertrend system?
A. It's trend following; generally the entries are when a shorter term pullback ends and rejoins the longer term trend. We
don't try to enter at tops and bottoms, but we will identify likely longer term turning points so that they can be used as
ideal exits to maximize the profit from a trade! These turning points also give us advance notice of when start looking for
entry possibilities in the other direction.

Q. Why the emphasis on "multiple timeframes"?
A. The entries are based on identifying longer term trends, then getting into the market as shorter term corrections end
and the trend resumes. So we use a longer timeframe chart for over all trend, and a shorter timeframe for entries. For
intraday trading this might be 3 minute, 15 minute and daily; for longer term trades, daily and weekly.

Q. What sort of follow-up is available?
A. Since you'll have access to the private bulletin board, there will be a space for you to post questions and charts which
Mark will review and respond to so that everyone may learn through the question and answer process. If you'd prefer,
you can email your questions and charts to Mark and he will respond on a timely basis. With your permission emailed
examples and Mark's responses will be posted on the bulletin board for all to learn, after removing any identifying
information contained in your email. Periodic video updates to the methodology and how to apply it in a variety of
markets will be posted to the bulletin board and you'll receive notification.

Q. Mark mentions various chat rooms in some of his recordings. Is he available in a chat room intraday?
A. Mark has started a chat room focusing on intraday trading.  Stock index futures are currently emphasized.

Chatroom Details

Q. Is there an advantage to buying this class now?
A. Yes. The price includes access to future video updates which will be posted on the bulletin board. These
updates will cover the application of this methodology to other markets, and any refinements to the system which may
develop due to changing market conditions. As additional materials become available, the price may increase. But you'll
receive these updates as part of your purchase price. Plus of course, the sooner you start learning an
effective method of applying Fibonacci support and resistance, the sooner you'll see a positive effect in your trading!

Q. Is there a money back guarantee?
A. Yes. If you're not satisfied with the course within 10 days of purchase, just write to Mark requesting a refund. You'll
receive your refund promptly, minus $20 for credit card processing fees.

If you have any additional questions, please write to Mark at

Mark Braun has been an active trader for over a decade. He specializes in using Fibonacci Time and Price relationships
together with momentum indicators. For the past several years, he has been teaching others to find high probability
trading opportunities using these powerful techniques. With a background in software development and education, he
assisted with the addition of several analytical tools to the Fibonacci Trader software package. He dedicates his time to trading and assisting other
traders with this methodology as well as trading his own accounts.


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