Recording of instructional session from 11-20-07 after trading hours


Rules of Symmetry Document, as mentioned in the recording:

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CCI Trigger Examples Document:

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Please note that in the video I talked about trading the old ER (mini Russell) contract when it was on the CME.  You can apply these same techniques on other contracts using the volume figures outlined below.

At the moment, we have volume chart triggers displayed in the chat room for ES and TF (the new Russell contract)  ER 3000 volume in the video equals 22,500 volume on ES.  1000 volume ER = 9000 volume ES, 500 volume ER = 4500 volume ES.

For TF, the volume figures are 2,250/900/450.

And while we're not currently displaying YM volume triggers in the room, the volume factors for charts using this method are 2100/700/350.

You can use your Adobe Reader to save the above files for reference while viewing the recording

Examples in the CCI triggers document show short term currency trading.  These are the same triggers are used on all securities, all timeframes.

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