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If you're interested in Forex, you'll want to watch this Fibonacci Forex Introductory Webinar recorded live:

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(More videos available below)

Here's the chart of one of the trades we discussed live in the video; see how it turned out!

It can be that straightforward.  Fibonacci clustering provides support, resistance and targets.  Clearly defined CCI triggers and trade management show you which levels are likely to hold, and which are more likely to break - allowing you to ride the trade to targets with confidence!

Here's a trade Mark took on the mini Russell,  with annotation provided for students of this methodology:


A short video showing more about how you can use these CCI triggers and trade management, with Fibonacci for support and resistance, for trading stock index futures intraday:

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And a longer video reviewing trades for a day in both Forex and mini Russell, with Carolyn Boroden discussing symmetry for the day as well:

CB & MarkB -  Chart Review

A couple of extra videos here - if you're using Fibonacci Trader and would like to set up your charts to look like mine:

Fibonacci Trader Chart Setup

My video on the Gartley Pattern. I really suggest that you watch this.  The section with Perry Madich's commentary on Fibonacci Trader features is interesting too, but has a couple of technical problems on Perry's end.  Watch it though, even if only for the 2-step/Gartley info. Printable cheat sheets are included so you can recognize and set up this Fibonacci Pattern for yourself:

Gartley Webinar

Here's a video reviewing the rules of symmetry and the triggers we use while trading intraday stock index futures:


Now you have a special opportunity to learn how to apply these techniques yourself!

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